Project Description

Scientific illustrator

André Caetano is an illustrator with a love for drawing stories.
He was born in Coimbra in 1983 and has been drawing since he was born.
Graduated in Communication Design from the University School of Arts in Coimbra and works now as a freelancer, for a  variety of projects, from children’s and young adults books, textbooks, comic books, to magazines and newspapers illustrations and short stories about science subjects.

With the work “A Stem Cell Adventure”, written by João Ramalho-Santos and published by the Press of the University of Coimbra)  he was awarded the Colourist of the Year award, in the 2014 edition of the Prémios Profissionais de BD.

In 2015, the book VOLTA – The Secret of the Valley of the Shadows, written by André Oliveira, was published by the POLVO. For his illustration work, he won the Excellence in Illustration for Comics in Comic-Con Portugal 2015 Awards, and Best Drawing in the XIV Troféus Central Comics.

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